Thursday, June 17, 2010

My backpacking plan in China....

Guillin and Yangshuo.
Chengdu with Mr.Panda

Horse Trekking in Tibetan, Songpan Village.

Terracotta Warriors Museum, XianMounth Hua Shan- The place cobra KungFu in the new "KarateKid"

Last but not least, BEIJING & The great wall of China.

p/s: hope this can be achieved in 2 weeks~~~

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stuff that i wanna do before becoming a HO.

  1. Travel- China in July, drive around Malaysia, maybe to India??
  2. Scuba Diving!!maybe in Tioman
  3. Visit my grandpa and grandma
  4. Universal Studio Singapore
  5. Maybe visit Sarawak or Sabah (only if i'm will not be posted there!)
  6. Camping with my HACCERz friends
  7. Catch up with my old friends
  8. Lose weight!!! damn i gain so much during exam
  9. Weddings!! so many weddings to attend...and sorry guys if i can't make it!!
  10. Last but not least....enjoy my free life!

p/s: can i skip HO...straight to be a MO??? please!please!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


After 2 years in INTEC, Shah Alam, 2 and half years in RCSI, Dublin and another 2 and half freakin years in PMC...i'm (not yet officially) a doctor! All sweats, sleep deprivation, gazillions hours in Library (and tears????) are worth it. CONGRATULATION to all my friends either in Dublin or my dear friends in Penang. We rocks dude!!! My journey to this point will not be the same without my friends. Thanks guys. I will cherish our friendship until the day I got Alzheimer's(hope not!!). All the best guys...let's see what is next for us! Hope something called "Specialist"(oh my, better think of HO 1st..oh my! oh my!). WE MADE IT TILL THE END !!! WOOhooooo!!!!

To live a successful life
Does not require
Money, fame, power, prestige
Or status symbols...
It's more a matter of
Being true to your own beliefs and principles,
Doing your best,
Even in the smallest of things,
And never taking for granted
The simple joys in life--
Such as laughter, a perfect day,
Or a loyal friend.

For all the money in the world
Can't buy self-esteem, character,
Contentment, love or happiness--
And these are the very things
That make life
Worth living.

However you define
Happiness and success,
May you find and enjoy them
Every day of your life.


p/s: can't wait to do this...see you guys in 2 weeks for graduation.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sing my heart out!!!

KARAOKE is one of the things that can release stress after an examination. its a really popular method among my friends! YES... WE LOVE KARAOKE!!!! I had Pre and Post GP end-of-rotation-exam Karaoke..haha. Both for different reasons...Pre one cause invitation from Sarah to entertain Fatin&co who come to visit Penang and Post one is purely for release tension (thankz Zaim for invitation) We always "ka-rok"(the sort-form words we used for Karaoke) in Red Box in Gurney Plaza because with just paying about RM30 we can karok all night until 3am and also the best thing is included dinner Buffet! The food is just OK but it is definitely become awesome if include karok in the menu! . Don't care about the pitching, don't care about tempo, don't care if Simone Cowell(or anyone who pretend to be Simon) is in the room! We just SING OUR HEART OUT!! All the stress drain out together with our voice.

Duet with eclipse of the Heart!! haha

Spice gurlz+ 1 bloody spice boy.


at 1am....starts to slow down .

p/s: Gaga's songs are so in right now in karok!!! yeaaa!!!

"Karaoke meaning in Japanese is Empty Orchestra...irony???"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

They tried to make me go to buffet lunch...

but I said 'yes!yes!yes!'

Screw my diet!! who can't resist cheap buffet with some friends...???? Yesterday, i had my lunch(buffet style) in Berjaya Hotel Penang in Midland on invitation by Sakina and the gang. Actually Bistro@Hardwicke House is the first plan, but with no reservation, weekend is not the time for walk-in. Damn...The place should be awesome with only RM18 and free drinks! but luckily Sakinah had Plan B! hehe. In Berjaya, The buffet cause around Rm19 after 20% discount. (which we don't know for what??). The food is OK nothing that i will remember except for the roti Arab and its chicken curry which is fresh;y made. Other stuff that worth mentioning is ABC, Dim Sum, and the dessert, lots and lots of cakes, jelly, kuih etc!! I eat quiet a lot but i can still restrain myself, don't like the felling off over eating!! Overall, the place is OK for me but because of the companion that i have...its such a fun eating time. Next one, we better SERBU the Hardwicke House guys! make them pay for not excepting us!! GGGGrrrrrrr!!!

The Original Plan..Grrrrr!!! you better watch out Mr.Hardwicke for my arrival!! hehe

Fazrin digging his way into the bottom of the plate!!! i'm already full!!

Before and after picture of Adila and Sakina...See how fast they gain extra pound in the cheek area!!??

Mark came a little bit late...just woke up and need some strong coffee to wake him up!! you go dude! but from my observation, he eat much less than others!

The "Pelahap" group: Sakina, Fazrin, Adila, Nizam, Roshaida, Zaim, Ekin, Mark.

We decided to rate it as OK! Wow...i dont know Sakina's fingernails is smoking RED!! haha!!

At hotel lobby after lunch, playing with the donation "spinning coin" box!! Lots of people in the lobby follows my step..a good deed i done there..inspiring people to donate!! haha.

He's tried to make me go to buffet lunch
but I will go! go! go!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Sis Engagement Day

Event details as below:

The Love birds: Khasnor Kamdi & Amir Helmi
Age of the love birds: ????? shhh.....
Occupation: Primary school teacher & Engineer??? not sure.
Exchanged gifts(hantaran): 9 Vs 7
Which one of my 2 sista: the 2nd one(# 2 of of 6 siblings)
Venue: My family home in JB
Theme: Modern but yet in keeping with traditions(with pastel color)
Family color theme: Lavanderish+ blue(Why blue?? cause i don't have any purple stuff to wear)
Date: 10th January 2010(Sunday)
Planner: My 1st Sista@ Kak Dian @ Mamma Mea @ Martha Stewardess.
Food: Main course by Faridah Restaurant & dessert by Kak Dian
Cameraman: a lot... including me.
Wedding date: in 6 months

Event Sequence:

Preparation for the bride: sit down in her room and make herself beautiful with the help of Pak Andam. Hiding all the flaws for the big day!

Pak andam try to vanquish all the pores with his magic wand...cukur kening tu lg..iskh!

Preparation for the Family: Set up the venue...changing the house into a engagement friendly place. Clean the house, move the furniture, set up the dining area etc. All planned by our father and also Kak Dian. Our weeding planner/ sista also is the one who makes all the flower arrangement,cakes and the gifts( hantaran). Superwomen!

The alter???over kakak aku ni, tunang pun nak pelamin.

The guest dining area...actually the house car porch.

Event starts around 2.30pm with Marhaban and Quran recital. Continue with the some speeches from my family side and the guy side and also the discussion on the wedding date which have been decided in 6 months time.About the date, i wanted to remind my sister that don't you ever think doing it in Mei until mid June cause I'm having my final Med exam. I will be absent on your big day if on that crucial period of time:) After the discussion, its time to put the ring on the single is done by the guy's mother to symbolized the engagement.

presenting the engagement ring by Helmi's mother.

"Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it" Beyonce..haha

Gifts(hantaran) were exchanged after the ring ceremony. Hantaran is gifts which is exchanged between the guy and the girls during engagement or weeding day. Below is the Hantaran from both sides. The Hantaran from my family side is made by our own Martha Stewardess :) Beautiful with all the flowers arrangements.

9 hantaran from the girl Vs 7 hantaran from the guys

3 of the 9 hantaran...a cake, sirih junjung and songket.

Basically the engagement ceremony is at the end after the exchanges of gifts. Next is to dine and take photos. Oh...Mr. Helmi aka the future groom only come into the event after the ceremony is done and straight away to the alter to take picture with his future wife. They looks so sweet together in pink! Congratulations for both of you! hope everything will be fine until the big day!

The couple in pink!

photo with my family

my nephew, Idlan with is on and off girlfriend

Sirih memadah pinang di belah,
Adat diturut tersusun rapi,
Merisik sudah bertunang pun sudah,
Tiba kini majlis dinanti.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Belated Xmas & upcoming New Year.

Merry Christmas to all my friend. Surely that you all have a fantastic celebration with your loves one...... and lots&lots of presents!!!

Oh year is coming which mean that 2009 is ending! what a great year is this for me which bring a lot of memories into my life. Hoping that 2010 will be a better and grander year for me and the year that i will hold my medical degree :)

We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas;
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.